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  (#1) Gammal
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Standard How to vote as Dutch citizen??? - 2009-05-16, 15:43

Hallo how can I as Dutch citizen vote for Piratpartiet?
  (#2) Gammal
0xFE Inte uppkopplad
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Standard RE: How to vote as Dutch citizen??? - 2009-05-16, 16:10

I don't know, try asking the dutch election office.
  (#3) Gammal
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Standard RE: How to vote as Dutch citizen??? - 2009-05-16, 17:28

If you are an EU citizen and are currently a resident of Sweden you are eligible to vote. However, if you wanted to do that you should have informed the swedish tax agency by the 8th of may. As it is now you are only allowed to vote in Holland.

More info http://www.val.se/in_english/index.html

Tomas Lidholm
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