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tephlon Inte uppkopplad
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Reg.datum: Jun 2006
Standard RE: Relakks and the Linux command line - 2007-01-16, 00:35

Nice to hear that you're making progress

Well, if you can connect to and use Relakks I would think that your firewall is blocking icmp packets at some point. You do have an accept policy in your OUTPUT chain, but it is a bit difficult to see. (Your script seems to need a bit of cleaning up and it is a bit ambiguous in places. But if it works as you want, never mind me )
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zooounds Inte uppkopplad
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Reg.datum: Dec 2006

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Standard RE: Relakks and the Linux command line - 2007-06-03, 09:07

I can't get DNS to work ewhen beeing connected to Relakks. This causes the script to break when it tries to update the routes (as It won't get any DNS answers for pptp.relakks.com.

Any suggestions what could be the problem?

Btw, no firewall rules could be the problem.
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John Nilsson Inte uppkopplad
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Inlägg: 3 749
Reg.datum: Jan 2006

Länk: #75112
Standard RE: Relakks and the Linux command line - 2007-06-03, 13:58

zooounds (2007-Jun-03)Any suggestions what could be the problem?

What is the output of
cat /etc/resolv.conf; route -n

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Magui Inte uppkopplad
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Reg.datum: Sep 2007

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Standard RE: Relakks and the Linux command line - 2007-09-28, 02:44

First off, thanks to tephlon for taking the trouble to post his guide. I don't use Relakks, though I considered it. I use another commercial VPN provider called Secureix. I spent several days searching all over the Web to see if somebody had managed to set up something like this. What I really appreciate is that tephlon took the time to discuss the alternative set-ups in the 2nd half of his post. One of these alternative set-ups is exactly what I was looking for and that is the last option where he binds the app to some non-routable IP like and then all packets with this IP as source or destination get routed through the tunnel. I followed his instructions and this set-up works perfectly in Azureus.

But Azureus is not really my preferred P2P app. What I really like to run 24/7 is amule. I cannot get amule to work with the same set-up that Azureus runs with. Moreover, it seems that amule is always bypassing the VPN tunnel to try to connect me to other peers. I mean, that it tries to establish a direct connection to other amule clients rather than try to establish a connection through the tunnel. It's strange. This happens even after I go into amule's preferences and I bind amule to the same IP that Azureus is bound to (Azureus is not running when I do this).

Well, there are other symptoms, but I'll spare you the details. What I wanted to ask is if anyone here has ever tried running amule through a VPN tunnel, and if so, were you able to get amule to send/receive all its traffic through the tunnel? I've already spent time asking other guys who are more experienced amule users about this, but I haven't made much progress. One of them mentioned the possibility that maybe the IP-binding is not yet fully implemented in amule.

In any case, if anyone here has any thoughts on this, I would really appreciate a reply.
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