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Standard Vive la France? - 2006-03-03, 20:08

"French MPs who have already voted once to legalise the online sharing of music and films are to consider the matter again next week.

Seventeen year old Aziz Ridouan became so angry at the number of people already being taken to court that he started up his own pressure group. Today, the Audiosurfers Association has 6,000 members. It campaigns for a change in the law and helps defend those being prosecuted. "What they were doing is something 12 million people do in France today," says Aziz. "It's not piracy simply to download to listen to music in new formats. The very principle of culture is to share it."

More than 13,000 musicians signed a petition in favour of the global licence. A website set up to encourage a debate on P2P copying was inundated with replies.

The government's new plan still rejects the global licence, although it agrees that private copying should be allowed.

The sanctions for illegal copying have been reduced considerably, with fines beginning at 38 euros (£26) for small-scale piracy.

A report by the Economic and Social Council which advises parliament on new laws argued that P2P exchanges should be made legal."


-- Old pirates never die, they just row faster
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