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Standard Intervju med Michael Geist (Eng) - 2006-03-25, 09:16

Dr Michael Geist has become a power in Canada and much further afield when it comes to matters centering on Net issues in particular, and free speech and the freedom of the Net in general. He's the University of Ottawa's Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, a position he's held since 2003.

p2pnet: Do you believe people who share files with each other online are 'thieves' and 'criminals' as the CRIA, et al, claim?

Geist: No.

p2pnet: Is file sharing really "devastating" (to quote the CRIA claim) the music industry and its various elements ?

Geist: I don't believe so. I'm sure it has some impact, but it's hard to know precisely what that impact is as there's some evidence that the impact is positive, not negative.

Regardless, the decline in sales that the major labels have experienced in recent years is almost certainly about a host of issues that have little to do with P2P, including more consumer entertainment choices, pricing, changes in the retail distribution of music, the decline of radio, and the releases being brought to market.


-- Old pirates never die, they just row faster
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