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  (#1) Gammal
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Standard German Internet Censorship Plans - 2009-06-12, 11:41

Hello Sweden,

thanks for the opportunity to post this without registering. I had a hard time registering to the Finnish forum, in order to spread this:

In Germany, the government plans to block internet pages showing child pornography. The local Pirate Party and many other "net citizen" doubt the use of the blocking system to fight child pornography, as you can get around in less than a minute (there are videos on youtube showing you how to do that).

A woman from Berlin started an online petition against the law proposal, and it has been rather successful. Now, in the last days it was found out that you neither have to live in Germany nor be a German citizen to co-sign that petition.

So I am asking you to support our fight against censorship. Ah, forgot that: Once the blocking infrastructure is up, it is easy to use it for just anything, there are now plans to block filesharing sites and ego-shooter online games and what not.

So please help us and show that also people from abroad are taking a look on censorship plans in Germany.

The Bavarian section of the German Pirate Party created a how to in English language, showing how to co-sign. You find it here:


It might be already too late, but maybe someone can translate this into Swedish to reach even more people. But take in mind that the last day for co-signing is the 16th June...

Thanks for your interest (Hope I click the right button to post this...)
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