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Reg.datum: Jan 2007
Standard relakks unstable? - 2007-01-24, 01:07

Dear Forum

I experience real problems when using bittorrent trough the relakks tunnel. The problems occur on different Linux distros, on windows, with PPTP passtrough routers, with computers directly connected to the internet and with 2 different ISPs:

After a random amount of time (mostly less than 1 hour), the tunnel is getting slow and unusable. This occurs when I share torrents and when it's happening, no other network operation will work (like hostname lookup). It's like if the tunnel stays alive (no disconnect) but the bandwith shrinks to 0kBit/s.

Which applications do you use with Relakks? Has there anybody had a few torrents running more than a day over Relakks? Or is this behaviour normal?



Under Linux I receive the same "Protocol-Reject for unsupported protocol" errors like described in http://forum.piratpartiet.se/Topic66372-164-1.aspx

But none of the solutions provided there works for me, since the problem occurs only after the tunnel is running some time and my Windows host has the same problem (w/o printing any diagnosis message, in good old M$ manner).
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Standard RE: relakks unstable? - 2007-02-02, 10:17

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Standard RE: relakks unstable? - 2007-03-23, 13:51

Same Problem here. After few minutes with p2p traffic, 0kb upload and download and only the relakks gateway is pingable. Aaah Iam not alone with the problem. Same problem under Linux and Windows.
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