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johnnybs Inte uppkopplad
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Reg.datum: Sep 2007
Standard RE: relakks on linux low mtu suddenly causes protocol-reject errors [Solved] - 2007-09-27, 15:41

I have the same problems. My connection dies after 2-3 minutes every time my connection exeeds 100-200kbps.

It started last thursday, never had any problems before. Also tried diffrent ISPs and computers, tried to adjust my mtu down, but no dice.

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Nicorette Inte uppkopplad
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Reg.datum: Sep 2007

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Standard RE: relakks on linux low mtu suddenly causes protocol-reject errors [Solved] - 2007-09-28, 10:25

Me too, and I am running Windows. At first I thought there was something wrong with my setup. Adjusted MTU in both router and XP, and tried to limit bandwith usage to 40%. Nothing helps. I am either kicked off every 10 min., or my datathroughput is reduced to zero. Also, my firewall is completely flooded with requests the moment I make the VPN connection. I only started using Relakks a few days ago.
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