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John1234 Inte uppkopplad
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Reg.datum: Jan 2007
Standard Hugh Amount of Traffic -> routes not correct? (linux) - 2007-01-22, 19:13

Hallo to all,

ich have setup different Linux-Distributions (OpenSuse 10.2, OpenSuse 10.0, Kanotix 2006-1 rev 4, Debian 3.1) and installed pptpconfig. Everytime i got a connection to pptp.relakks.com, but there ist a hugh amount of traffix send and after 30 seconds the connections drops. I tried everything described at pptp.sourceforge.org but nothing happens. It seems that the relakks-server sends a wrong ip, so that a wrong route is set?!

Can anyone help me? I habe no idea what to do. I'm not a linux-newbie, but i have to learn a lot.

Best regards,

John 1234

P.S.: Relakks-Connection works with fresh installed windowsxp.
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meika2 Inte uppkopplad
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Reg.datum: Jan 2007

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Standard RE: Hugh Amount of Traffic -> routes not correct? (linux) - 2007-01-24, 01:00

Dear John

Relakks uses the same IP address for its PPP endpoint as it uses for its PPP Servers. I don't know this setup from other PPTP providers and actually it confuses pptpclient a bit.

To solve the problem, you have to setup the routing by hand (after the connection is established). A good guide for doing so is provided in this forum, please have a look at tephlons pinned post, especially the section about routing (all the route commands).

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