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  (#1) Gammal
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Standard Body Scanner against child porno law? - 2010-03-15, 01:47

Since the possesion of child porno pictures in RAM of the PC is chargeable in Germany,


I wonder how they will deal with the security check screening youths. It's not that the screening personal could look at more or less good "pixels" but the body scanner makes high definition porno pictures of our childs.
And if they don't do, how much security will we have in the plane if any "bomb-tooled" baby is on board. There are 65000 (just Lufthansa) childs traveling without their parents. Are they more dangerous than with parents? Did we have just luck nothing happened till now?
In Germany they will install the body scanner not only at airports but also at (Football)Stations etc. and there will be mobile screening solutions, too.
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